We are not a very big team but we are a team that know each other. If you need it, it is these folks that will take the shirts off their backs to ensure you have. Although there are days where the pressure is deep and everyones nerves has been pressured to the max, we still come together to build each other. This is our team and a team that will ensure you enjoy every visit at Wild Wings 'N Things.

We provide everything you may need to feed you and your family. We want Wild Wings 'N Things to be that company the whole family enjoys at the same time. We take pride in our craft and hope you enjoy each and every one of your visits.  

Saidou Sy​ 


As a hard working family man with a goal in mind, I Sy knew exactly what I wanted to do from a young age. Growing up in Ohio definitely helped scope my frame of mind to the man I am today. I lived in Alaska since 2009 as a United States Air Force active duty member and then through a few different job fields.  Through hard work and determination, I have put in the time to finally start achieving my dreams. Wild Wings being a main stage of it all. 


Anthony Kushin


Talk about dedication and a man who loves his craft. Anthony is a well respected man with a humor that will keep you laughing and thinking. Never will a person meet another man that works so hard and diligently. With a love for his family and his duties to his community, Anthony is the true meaning of a gentle and a scholar


Things just don't get sweeter than her. Amazing customer service and a smile that will keep you smiling. A native of Alaska, Debbie is good to have in anyones circle. She's a motivator, a teacher, an inspiration and all the things balled into one woman. This woman is a go getter to the fullest!


Stanley Phillips


They call him a man of the south. This is Stanley Phillips, a brother with many talents. Don't let that stomach fool you, he's faster than lightening and will race any man out there. Long as he's not wearing the Steeler gear while racing you, he'll win. Stan, the man with the master plan. 

Carliek Torrence

Boy this brother has come a long way since the start. He is a hard working brother with a desire to win. Everyday he steps up to the plate and it shows through his attitude, attention to deals, and just overall respect for not only for the customers but also for the business. This gentlemen is one of those reasons you actually want to go to work with.  He is an aspiring chef and with so a young age, he is striving to be one of the greats.


Tana Weckwerth

Ms. Weckwerth, deep down inside she secretly loves doing ranch cups. She has dreams of waking up in the middle of the night and having her refridgerator completely full of ranch and she looks forward to it. She is our beloved deliver driver. You want fast hot deliver service, you best believe she is the one to connect. If there is an issue, she is sure to make it correct and always puts the customers first. She is also an alaska native and love her town of Fairbanks. 

Tristan Ballesteroz

This brother knows customer service. One of the best customer service personnel that works at Wild Wings. He knows how to get you engaged and confident in making sure you ordered the right things. Tristan is a young guy with a lot to learn but with a bit more experience, you could be very unstable. Also an Alaska native, he has a very bright future. By the end of it all, this man is going to know how to season some food :)


Kourvoisier Carter

Voss is his name. This is the comedian of the class. There is not a point throughout the day this guy does not have a smile on his face. He will make you smile just because you look at him. We had to teach him how to cook chicken but he's one of the best in the crew now. He is harlious but knows when to be serious. Voss the boss

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